Our Story

Our Story
It all started out with a pencil sketched logo that would eventually be silk-screened onto a box full of tank-tops. They were made for us and our friends attending a music festival in the Kootenay’s back in the summer of 2015. Originally the idea was to make something that would stand out, making it easier way to find the group when roaming the festival, but donning our outdoor-inspired logo that represented where we were from. Eventually the tanks would catch the eyes of our friends and other festival-goers, and it allowed us to start thinking outside that box of tank tops, and outside the festival.
When we decided to take things to the next level we really had no idea what we we’re doing other than that we would keep things fresh by creating small batches of goods with unique designs that would personally resonate with the outdoor inspired individual. With that in mind KYR Original launched in the summer of 2017. We knew we were probably pretty under prepared but it didn’t slow down our determination and adventurous ways. We emptied our piggy-banks into our idea and got things rolling.
The operations turned into something that was a lot more than part-time, quickly realizing the process and care that went into each of our orders. Our free-time away from our day jobs would be dedicated to bringing KYR to markets, events, and even music festivals, which was a bit ironic seeing as we started our journey as festival attendees not so long before that. Through our short existence we have been fortunate enough to gain interest from local retail stores in both the Kootenay’s in British Columbia and Alberta which has been a very exciting opportunity.
Throughout those first 3 years we had our challenges, and 2020 was no exception for us. In March of 2020 we took a step back and paused KYR Original to give ourselves time to reflect, and figure out how we could improve and provide a positive impact moving forward. Through careful planning and discussions during our shutdown we chose to grow from our original idea, and move forward as KYR Supply.
KYR Supply would focus on 100% Canadian made goods. This isn’t just about tossing a maple leaf on our goods and feeling that “Canadian pride”. It’s about working with qualified individuals and manufacturers within our country, who are paid appropriate wages to do so. It’s about bringing our customers ethically sourced materials, at the highest quality we can achieve. It’s about Canadians supporting Canadians, having us work together to help build a stronger economy. Canadian made goods is something we can all feel good about.
Last but certainly not least, we have created a giveback program that goes towards local and provincial mental health initiatives in Canadian communities. We have always taken pride in working with and supporting other local charities, and individuals to help reach their goal during the KYR Original days. Those experiences have been humbling and educational, which has encouraged us to help out with a cause that personally resonates with us.
A few things have changed since that box of tank tops, but our motivation to bring you the best quality we possibly can, while staying true to our roots will always remain. Thank you all for the support on this exciting journey.
- Team KYR